TEK FRIGO is a company operating in the industrial refrigeration sector since 1997 and we deal with the design / assembly of condensing units, refrigeration systems, water chillers, industrial fluid chillers and much more.

The fields of application of the products we make are many, among which we mention for example industrial washing systems using solvent, modified alcohol or water, vending machines, refrigerated lockers, refrigerated cabinets for the conservation or seasoning of food products, machines for ice, ice cream machines, refrigerated meat mincers, closed circuit dryers for laundries, water refrigeration systems for machine tools and many other custom applications requested by our customers at a national and global level.

In addition to the creation of the part relating to refrigeration, we are able to offer the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical/electronic assembly until the finished product is created and, if requested by the customer, the final testing according to the specifications requested by the customer